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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Jan 26 07:28:05 PST 2004

Hi Tetsushiro --

I'm responding to your request, although this is really in Mahnaz's area and she
should have the final word...

I've two concerns.  First, is fumes.  This looks like conventional RTV formulation,
but UV-curable -- which means it generates acetic acid fumes on curing and should be
used in a well-ventilated area.  The headway is a well-ventilated area (provided
proper procedures are followed).  But the aligners are not (the air in the litho area
outside of the hoods is recirculated to >90%).  Do you plan to use the aligners for
UV-cure?  If so, we need to talk.  Basically, we need to make sure that prior to
curing that this material doesn't generate fumes in the lab outside the exhausted

Second, is that the stuff gets everywhere...  Handling is very important and being
able to clean up any spills, smears, etc. is important.  Spin chucks will need to be
cleaned.  And any labware that the substrates come into contact with (unless you
provide your own.)

Lastly, I don't know of anyone who has etched RTV silicone in the drytek2, but would
be interested in your results.  I do know of a group that etches silicone elastomer
(PDMS) with some success, so would suggest that if you don't already have a recipe,
that you contact them (let me know -- I've got the contact info somewhere...)

Oh, and one more question.  How often do you plan to use this?  If you plan to use
this routinely, then you will need a yellow tag from Mahnaz to store it in the lab.
If it is a one-time evaluation, we'd much prefer that you keep this in your own lab
(as personal chemical storage is limited at SNF.)



"Tetsuhiro (Hiro) Hatogai" wrote:

> Dear Sir or Madam:
> Here is the application for new material, Zipcone.
> I attached the scanned MSDS for the material.
> Here is the information for the material required by following website.
> 1.  Requestor name: Tetsuhiro Hatogai
> 2.  Phone number: 650-799-5366
> 3.  Email address: hatogai at
> 4.  Requestors PI: Professor R. Fabian W. Pease
> 5.  Name of new chemical: Zipcone U Series
> 6.  No other materials
> 7.  Name of vendor: Gelest, Inc.
> 8.
> 9.  11 East Steel Road, Morrisville, PA 19067
> 10. Curable spin-on silicone
> 11. Inexpensive silicon containing material comparable with PVA 20.
>      Headway spin-on material would be wrapped in aluminum foil and
> disposed 21.
>      Replace "resist" with "zipcone"
> 12. Drytek2, headway, nanospec, ellipsometer, semhitachi
> 13. 100 grams
> 14. Liquid
> 15. No chemical is needed to mix it
> 16. Please see attached
> 17. Will not be used in the clean area
> 18. Storage group identifier = L, Main Hazard Class = 6
> 19. Should be enough room
> 20. Material is water soluble and can be poured down drain
> 21. Process Flow: (1) Spin-coat on a silicon wafer using headway,
>      (2) Detach dried film from silicon wafer,
>      (3) Spin-coat resist onto dried film
>      (4) Etch resist and dried film in drytek2
>      (5) Measure film thickness using nanospec, ellipsometer
>      (6) Measure cross section in semhitachi
>      Please find the detailed process flow in attached file.
> Sincerely,
> Tetsuhiro Hatogai (Hiro)
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                  Name: Expreiment Flow.pdf
>    Expreiment Flow.pdf           Type: Portable Document Format (application/pdf)
>                              Encoding: base64
>                       Download Status: Not downloaded with message
>                   Name: MSDS p1.JPG
>    MSDS p1.JPG    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>               Encoding: base64
>                   Name: MSDS p2.JPG
>    MSDS p2.JPG    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>               Encoding: base64
>                   Name: MSDS p3.JPG
>    MSDS p3.JPG    Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
>               Encoding: base64

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