carbon nanotubes

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Tue Jul 27 13:34:51 PDT 2004


To bring your nanotubes into the lab, we need the following:

1. MSDS -- I found a MSDS for multiwall tubes. It would be nice if you could
find one for single wall tubes.  See

2. Are these SWNTs in powder form? Generally, we do like powders in the

3. What equipment do you want to use? I believe SWNT have metal (iron)
particles on one end so we will not let SWNT into clean tools.

4. Outline the process you want to do. This can be conbined with item 3


Arthur Zhang wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to bring in single walled carbon nanotubes into the lab.
> Could you tell me the procedure for doing this?  I am getting the
> nanotubes from a professor from the University of Florida and he has sent
> me the msds for them.
> Thanks,
> Arthur Zhang
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