Spin-on dopant annealing

Amy Lee kone at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 28 11:05:26 PDT 2004

We're interested in putting a bare Si wafer that has been treated with a
spin-on dopant (SOD) in the ag4108 rapid thermal annealer at temperatures
around 1000degC.  Prior to RTA, the only "non-clean" process the wafer will
go through is the application of the SOD, which is done on the headway in
Litho.  After RTA, the wafer does not need to be put into any clean
processing eqpt.

Our group already has approval to use the SOD (Emulsitone, borosilicate
film) in the lab (Morgan Mager received the approval).

If we can't put it in ag4108, would it be possible to put our wafers in
Tylan4 furnace instead?

Amy Lee

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