Nickel Silicide process in your lab

Yuan jun_yuan at
Thu Jul 29 00:34:29 PDT 2004

Dear committe members:

This is Jun Yuan from UC,LA, the student of Prof. Jason Woo.
I am working in SNF lab now to build a metal gate mosfet, and I plan to
use Ni-silicide in Source/Drain and Gate region instead of using
Ti-silicide. I wish
you can consider Ni-silicide just a replacement of Ti-silicide process, so
that I can finish all of the process step in your lab.

There are a lot of papers talking about the Ni-silicide process in CMOS
technology recently, and I randomly picked up a few of them for the convenient references.
If necessary, I can show my CV and IV curves measured on
Ni-silicide/thin-oxide(26A)/Si layer, which shows good performance, means
Ni doesn't affect the oxide quality.

Thanks for your considerations.

Jun Yuan
Electrical Engineering department,
University of California, Los Angeles
Tel: 1-310-206-7331 (O)
Tel: 1-310-313-6681 (H)
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