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Tue Mar 2 09:15:46 PST 2004


The chemicals will be mixed in Claudia's lab ( Los  Gatos research lab) and then brought to our lab. I have extensively talked to Dien and I will do so with Claudia.
Some of these chemicals on the smelly side.


Claudia Richter wrote:

> Specmat Committee:
> I've spoken to Mahnaz regarding the use of silicone rubbers (PDMS, and OE4100) in the photolithography area. We plan to spin-coat these silicones on 4 inch silicon wafers and plan to do this using the Headway manual coater and curing using the hotplates. I believe Dien (coral: adnguyen) has submitted the information for the OE4100 elastomer, but we would like to add a solvent to dilute the elastomer to get thinner coats. We plan on diluting the elastomer with a solvent recommended by the manufacturer called mesitylene (1,3,5-trimethylbenzene). Attached is the MSDS sheet for this chemical.
> We plan on bringing in the OE4100 and mesitylene mixture in a vial to the Headway to spin-coat wafers and cure it in the photolithography room. The amount of mesitylene in elastomer shall be about 10% by weight.
> If there is any further information needed to complete this request or concerns please contact me at crichter at or Dien at adnguyen at
> Best regards,
> Claudia
> Claudia Richter
> Senior Staff Engineer
> Los Gatos Research Inc.
> 67 E. Evelyn Ave. Ste.3
> Mountain View, CA. 94040
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