bringing new polyimide into SNF

Yiching Liang yiching_liang at
Wed Mar 3 15:32:11 PST 2004


I'd like to bring in a new polyimide and its adhesion
promotor into the lab. 

Here are the information:
1. requestor name: Yiching Liang (Coral name: yiching)
2. phone number: 408-394-5842
3. email address: yiching at
4. requestor's company: Molecular Devices Corp.
5. name of chemical: polyimide (PI-5878G)
6. secondary new chemical: adhesion promotor (VM651)
7. vendor: HD Microsystems
8. vendors website:
9. vendor's contact info: Cheesequake Rd., Parlin NJ,
08859. 800-441-7515
10. reason: we need a polyimide material as part of
our devices.
11. This particular polyimide has material properties
matching our requirements. Other currently approved
standard polyimides (PIQ) have been discontinued in
the US by vendor, and therefore not a good candidate
for our product development. 
12. equipment: headway2 (spin on), bluem (bake),
drytek2 (O2 etch).
13. quantity: smallest bottles available. PI5878G
(0.25L), VM651 (0.5l)
14. form: both are in liquid form
15. mixing: VM651 needs to be diluted with water
immediately prior to use
16. MSDS for both chemicals will be faxed to (650)
17. both chemicals are semiconductor grade
18. storage: PI-5878G needs to be stored in freezer,
VM651 stored in room temperture. Main hazard: PI-5878G
is flammable, VM651 is water reactive. 

Please let me know if any other information is
required. Thanks!


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