New Material registering request [Norland Optical Adhesive 60(NOA60)]

Tetsuhiro (Hiro) Hatogai hatogai at
Wed Mar 3 23:24:45 PST 2004

Special Materials Committee:

Here is the application for new material, NOA60.
Mainly we are going to use these materials in "Drytek1" and
I attached the MSDS for the material.

Here is the information for the material required by following website.

1.  Requestor name: Tetsuhiro Hatogai
2.  Phone number: 650-799-5366
3.  Email address: hatogai at
4.  Requestors PI: Professor R. Fabian W. Pease
5.  Name of new chemical: Norland Optical Adhesive 60
6.  No other materials
7.  Name of vendor: Norland Products Inc.
9.  2540 ROUTE 130, SUITE 100 P.O. BOX 637 CRANBURY, NJ 08512 USA 
10. We would like to find materials that suit well to fabricate small
11. Find other material that is comparable with Norland Optical Adhesive
12. Drytek1, semhitachi 
13. 1 oz. 
14. Liquid 
15. No chemical is needed to mix it 
16. Please see attached 
17. Will not be used in the clean area 
18. Storage group identifier = L, Main Hazard Class = 6 
19. Should be enough room 
20. It can be disposed as usual trash.
 21. Process Flow: 
(1) Spin-coat PVA on a silicon wafer that has small structure on it 
     using spin coater that our group owns in Packard 076
(2) Detach dried PVA film from silicon wafer,
(3) Spin-coat NOA60 on the side that has structures on it of dried PVA
(4) Etch back NOA60 to reduce the thickness of residual layer using
(5) Observe the structures and measure the residual layer thickness
using semhitachi

Tetsuhiro Hatogai (Hiro)

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