OE4100 Dry Etching Approval Request

Claudia Richter crlgr at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 10 10:49:52 PST 2004

Dear Specmat Committee,

We are currently in the process of evaluating the Dow Corning OE4100 elastomer by performing spin-coating tests on silicon wafers. Once the elastomer is cured, we would like to carry out plasma etching tests using a SF6/O2 gas mixture to determine etch rates. We were thinking of using the Drytek1 or mrc to do this. Can we do the polymer etching using either of these etchers? Please let me know or Dien if there is further information needed.

Best regards,


Claudia Richter
Senior Staff Engineer
Los Gatos Research Inc.
67 E. Evelyn Ave. Ste.3
Mountain View, CA. 94040

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