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Thu Mar 18 17:36:00 PST 2004

To the SpecMat Committee,

Subject: Approval to use benzene

1. Vignesh Gowrishankar
2. 650 736 0268
3. vigneshg at
4. Prof. Michael McGehee
5. Chemical: Benzene
6. none
7. Aldrich (or other standard supplier)
         Sigma-Aldrich Corporate Offices
         3050 Spruce St.
         St. Louis, MO 63103

10.I need to spin coat a block copolymer with benzene as my solvent, for 
which I need a powerful "fume hood" / exhaust.
11.Benzene is the only solvent that works for what I need.
12. Headway
13. 100 ml (for starters)
14. liquid
15. Benzene will be the solvent for a block copolymer (PS-b-PEO)
16. attached
17. L (I think)
18. Purity: 99.9 %
19. not sure yet
20. not sure yet
21. Process Flow: Place Si piece on Headway, spin and flush with benzene. 
Stop spinner, drop a couple of drops of block-copolymer (PS-b-PEO) benzene 
solution and spin again to spin coat. Place Si pieces with spin coated 
samples in an atmosphere saturated with benzene (under an overturned beaker 
for e.g.) for a few hours.
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