Ruthenium Processing in Lab

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Thu Mar 18 18:55:37 PST 2004


I met with Jim Kruger this morning and went over his request to do some
processing of Ru in the SNF lab. The proposed processing includes sputter
deposition of Ru in the Metallica system, PECVD of SiO2 on Ru in the STS
dep system and wet etching of SiO2 on top of the Ru layer. The main safety
question in processing this material is that Ru can forms two oxides, one
of which is toxic. RuO2 is the oxide form, which is the most common, most
stable and non-toxic (RuO2 -- melting point: 1200°C - sublimes, CAS
registry number: 12036-10-1). RuO4 is the toxic, unstable form (Boiling
point: 130°C, CAS registry number: 20427-56-9). RuO4 forms in O2 
plasmas and in strong oxidizers. 

In regard to the proposed process, the only likely time when RuO4 could
form is during the initial deposition in the PECVD process. Since RuO4 is
so volatile, any RuO4 formed during this brief period will go out the
exhaust and will not be a problem to the operator/user. So I do not see
that we have a safety problem here. I propose that we allow Jim to do
what he proposed. However, since RuO4 formation is a concern, I suggest we
limit this ok for Ru use in the lab to only what has been proposed
here.  Any future Ru requests will need to be renewed at that time.


On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, jim kruger wrote:

> Attached is a more complete request for consideration
> of Ruthenium.  
> There is a 3-4 week ARO delay in obtaining the target.
>  When might I expect a decision?  If only part of the
> process flow is approved, we might go ahead with Ru
> deposition and do more work outside.
> Thanks, 
> Jim Kruger
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