New materials: poly(dimethyl siloxane)

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I'd like to use poly(dimethyl siloxane) at the SNF. In particular, I'd 
like to:

- Bring a labeled 20mL syringe filed with pre-mixed and de-aired 
prepolymer mixture to the SNF
- Apply the prepolymer mixture to a wafer by spincoating on Headway
- Cure the prepolymer mixture on a hotplate @ 150C for 10 minutes

The material I want to use is Dow Corning Sylgard (R) 184. It comes as a 
kit of base and curing agent, which I would mix by hand and de-air by 
applying a vacuum for a few minutes. I was planning on doing the mixing 
either outside the SNF, but I could also do it inside the SNF, in which 
case two separate materials might need to be approved, i.e. the binder 
and the curing agent.

Here are the MSDS sheets:

Sylgard 184, CAS 68988-56-7:

Sylgard 184 curing agent, CAS 68037-59-2:

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