New materials: poly(dimethyl siloxane)

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Mon May 17 14:32:48 PDT 2004

Hi Sebastian --

Pre-mixed PDMS is already approved for use at the headway (using appropriate
precautions:  cleaning up any working areas with acetone and
removing/disposing of the foil liner in the headway and on the hotplate.)
If you use any solvents or approved thinners, the waste must be treated as
solvent waste.  If pure PDMS is used, then the waste is non-toxic and may be
disposed of by placing in a plastic sealed bag (to prevent leaks) and then
in the ordinary trash (it will cure and harden over a few hours.)

Mixing must be done outside of the lab (the uncured monomer can easily
contaminate people's material in litho, leading to resist adhesion
problems.)  Mixing can be done in the wafersaw room (I can show you the
setup, just let me know.)


"Sebastian J. Osterfeld" wrote:

> Hello,
> I'd like to use poly(dimethyl siloxane) at the SNF. In particular, I'd
> like to:
> - Bring a labeled 20mL syringe filed with pre-mixed and de-aired
> prepolymer mixture to the SNF
> - Apply the prepolymer mixture to a wafer by spincoating on Headway
> - Cure the prepolymer mixture on a hotplate @ 150C for 10 minutes
> The material I want to use is Dow Corning Sylgard (R) 184. It comes as a
> kit of base and curing agent, which I would mix by hand and de-air by
> applying a vacuum for a few minutes. I was planning on doing the mixing
> either outside the SNF, but I could also do it inside the SNF, in which
> case two separate materials might need to be approved, i.e. the binder
> and the curing agent.
> Here are the MSDS sheets:
> Sylgard 184, CAS 68988-56-7:
> Sylgard 184 curing agent, CAS 68037-59-2:
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