List of solvents on Web site?

Adrian Tymes wingcat at
Sat May 22 16:51:39 PDT 2004

I'm trying to find a list of what solvents have been
approved for use at the SNF.  However, the Web site
keeps pointing to
yet this list seems to be incomplete.  For example, I
do not see acetone on the list, yet I know that is one
of the reccomended/standard materials.  I may have
just missed the page; the closest I can find is the
list of MSDS sheets, but not everything with a MSDS
sheet is approved for all classes of equipment.

In particular, I am looking for something I can
dissolve copper (or some other etchable sacrificial
material) with, that will not adversely effect
aluminum or silicon, and I would prefer to use
materials you have already approved.  Could you point
me to a list of approved solvents which I can examine
for the properties I desire?  (Or do you happen to
have a solvent you reccomend for this use?)

Thank you in advance for this information.

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