List of solvents on Web site?

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Sat May 22 17:44:32 PDT 2004


While I can't comment on the status of the list of solvents on the web-site,
I think that you may need to look elsewhere.  For starters, there are very
few solvents that will dissolve metals.  Secondly, copper is a pretty
difficult material to etch ... either wet or dry ... and just about anything
that will etch copper is going to remove aluminum.  Plus, using copper
merely as a sacrificial layer, seems to limit where you can do additional
processing ... at least relative to the number of places where silicon and
aluminum can be processed.

I'd back up and try to find a more suitable sacrificial layer than copper
... and then try to find something that can remove that without touching
aluminum or silicon.  Without knowing more about the structure you are
trying to build, I can't really suggest any alternatives.

Good luck,


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Subject: List of solvents on Web site?

> I'm trying to find a list of what solvents have been
> approved for use at the SNF.  However, the Web site
> keeps pointing to
> yet this list seems to be incomplete.  For example, I
> do not see acetone on the list, yet I know that is one
> of the reccomended/standard materials.  I may have
> just missed the page; the closest I can find is the
> list of MSDS sheets, but not everything with a MSDS
> sheet is approved for all classes of equipment.
> In particular, I am looking for something I can
> dissolve copper (or some other etchable sacrificial
> material) with, that will not adversely effect
> aluminum or silicon, and I would prefer to use
> materials you have already approved.  Could you point
> me to a list of approved solvents which I can examine
> for the properties I desire?  (Or do you happen to
> have a solvent you reccomend for this use?)
> Thank you in advance for this information.

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