nickel silicide process concern in SNF.

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Nov 3 07:46:43 PST 2004

Hi all --

Does this request relate to the SemicleanA and SemicleanB project?  
How's that going, by the way?  Jun made the first official SpecMat 
request in July, and he and his PI have been talking with several of us 
about this well before then...  I can't seem to find his process flow at 
the moment, but I understand that he wants to be able to do standard 
backend stuff (LTO, P5000 etch, anneal).  Anyway, this group is pretty 
active in the lab and seem to be reasonably knowledgeable...  Can we 
work with them to get any additional information that might be required 
to establish a system for using nickel silicides?


Yuan wrote:

>Dear committee:
>I plan to use the nickel silicide process soon in this lab ( I plan to
>deposit nickel in the new machine which is semi-clean, based on the
>conversion with Ed Myers), but I really want to know
>whether I can use the other clean or semiclean tools after the nickel
>silicide process(i,e, could the nickel silicide be treated similar to
>ti-silicide ?).
>I do wish I can get this answer soon, so that I can plan it ACCORDINGLY.
>Jun Yuan
>Electrical Engineering department,
>University of California, Los Angeles
>Tel: 1-310-206-7331 (O)
>Tel: 1-310-313-6681 (H)

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