Innotec and Al(Mn)

Betty Young bayoung at
Wed Nov 10 13:11:03 PST 2004

Dear Committee,

I recently purchased a 2" target for the new Innotec R&D sputtering system
at CIS. The target is high purity ALUMINUM with 0.2%(at) MANGANESE.  This
particular metal system is critical for my work on a new class of
superconducting particle detectors. I was recently imformed that the Mn
doped target MAY be an issue for other users -- hence this message.

Please let me know what the requirements for use of the Innotec will be; in
particular, what would be the condidtions under which I might use it for
Al(Mn) work.

For starters, I just need one film deposited on a bare Si wafer. Pending the
results, I would probably want to co-sputter Al(Mn) and pure Al on a few
additional clean Si wafers for follow-up studies.

If allowed to use the machine, I would ask to be trained along with my
colleague, Astrid Tomada.

Thank you for your consideration!
Betty Young

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