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Bipin Rajendran bipin at
Thu Nov 11 09:27:45 PST 2004

I wanted to CMP an LTO layer on fully processed 410 wafers. I am planning to do it at Cornell Fab, and here is what the In-Charge of CMP tool there has written to me about their tool:

In terms of the gold contamination, we do not restrict gold from the tool and in the past people have polished a gold layer on the tool trying to do some gold damascene work.  The last time that was done was probably 6 or more months ago.  The main parts of the tool that contact the gold are the CMP pad and the carrier head film, both of which are frequently changed.  We have people using CMP who are making transistors here and they have not expressed any issues with gold contamination.

I would be bonding another wafer to this CMPed LTO. Can you please let me know if such a bonded wafer pair can go back to SNF for normal processing. (May be atleast semi-clean instruments?)

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