Wafer Pieces in LamPoly Etcher

Josh Bryce Ratchford joshuar at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 12 13:54:07 PST 2004

Hello Specmat Team!

I am inquiring about the possibility of etching pieces of wafers in the
LamPoly?  If I could etch pieces of wafers rather than whole wafers a lot
of grief would be eliminated in my process since I am etching patterns made
in the MBE&WN(many boring evenings and weekend nights), time consuming
Raith.  I think my last sentence was a run-on sentence but it would lose
its humor if it were grammatically correct (my grammer is horrible and I
actually don't know how to fix it).

Anyway, if we could make this possible it would be wonderful!  I am willing
to do whatever I need to for you guys to see this through if it is cool
with y'all.

Thank you for your time,

Josh Ratchford

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