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Is there a time that I can meet with someone today to obtain the label and

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Hi Bobby --

These are already approved for use in the lab.  SU8-50 may be spun up at
the headway (only dedicated SU8 cassettes may be used.)  Extra care must
be taken to clean up chucks and the bench following use, since it cannot
be removed once it is cured.  SU8 may be then developed at the manual
develop bench and exposed using your own mask at the evalign or the

These chemicals must have a label and a barcode.  You can obtain these
from Mahnaz (she is out sick today) or Ed (who shares Mahnaz' office.)

Transporting the chemicals in the original boxes should be OK.  Please
unbox them here at SNF, in the service area where they are to be stored.


Bobby Feller wrote:

>Hello my name is Bobby Feller.  I would like to store and use SU 8 50 and
>8 Developer at the Stanford Nanofab.  I have already received these two
>items.  The SU 8 Developer is unopened in the original shipping package and
>the SU 8 50 is unopened however the box which it came in was opened
>could be taped for transfer.  Please let me know what I should do to have
>these materials stored in lab.  Thank you.
>-Bobby Feller

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