Fragile chips in Tylan4

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Oct 12 14:40:40 PDT 2004

Jim, Mike?

I understand that the devices are post-sts etch and he'd like to burn 
off the polymer buildup.  This strikes me not being the usual way to get 
rid of the stuff, but I wasn't sure what a better alternative might be 
that wouldn't destroy his membranes.  What do you think?


Amir Ali Haj Hossein Talasaz wrote:

> Hello,
> I have some fragile devices which containes 30nm SiN membrane. I would like
>to put them in Tylan 4 (which is gold contaminated) for half an hour at 800C
>(This step is very important for me).
> Since I am dealing with these fragile membranes, I was wondering if I can
>avoid normal cleaning which we perform prior to furnace loading and load
>them to Tylan 4(which is gold contaminated).
> (I have already put the devices in Acetone for 1 days)
> Thanks for your time,

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