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Hi Shaunak --

We generally ask that an MSDS sheet accompany a SpecMat request.  I've 
found a pretty good one for toluene here.

As you can see from the MSDS, the PEL for toluene is about 200 ppm 
(TWA).  This is at a manageable level, although still requires 
considerable care in handling (must work in fully exhausted areas -- 
i.e., behind the red line on solvent-compatible benches -- this stuff 
smells strongly and is linked to DNA damage, tumors, reproductive 
problems.)  Toluene also has a low flash point (4 C) and so we'd prefer 
that only small amounts be used.  (How much do you want to bring in?)

We also ask where this process will be done and where the wafers will go 
after processing.  From your question, it seems that the headway coater 
is what you would like to use.  I trust you plan to do a post-spin bake 
-- if so, you must place your wafer into an enclosed container (box) and 
transport it to the bake station, even if it is the hot plate right next 
to the headway (this is because you have to leave the exhausted area to 
get to the hot plate.)

Are there any other stations you wish to use?

Solid waste should be collected in tightly closed plastic bags and 
placed in the flammables waste container. 

Do you plan to store your chemical in the lab or will you take the 
chemical with you?


Shaunak Roy wrote:

> Hello,
> I am interested in spin coating a film of polystyrene on a glass 
> surface.  The solvent is toluene.  Can you please advise on the 
> procedures for bringing these materials into the lab?  I am targeting 
> this Friday for my first usage.
> Thanks very much,
> Shaunak
> Shaunak Roy, PhD
> Chief Technical Officer
> Theranos, Inc.
> 849 Mitten Road, Suite 103
> Burlingame, CA 94010
> 650-697-7930 x2

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