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Here are my initial questions/comments to your request.

What materials are being exposed to KOH during the Si etch? It looks like Si, Pt and LSCF are all
being exposed to the KOH etch. Pt will hold up to Hot KOH but I have no idea about LSCF.  Do you
have any info? Since I do not deal with the KOH bath very much, I am not sure users would your
material in the bath but I have to check on this. There is an issue with etching nitride over LSCF.
There could be a small amount of sputtering of the base material during the over etch part of the
etch process. Some of your oxide is toxic. I have to look at what the bias voltage is during this
etch to estimate how much of a problem this might be.


Kevin Crabb wrote:

> Hi,
> This is a request to bring in a particular thin film material (LSCF) which
> is currently not permitted in CIS/SNF.  The thin film will be deposited by
> pulsed laser deposition (PLD), also known as laser ablation, onto standard
> silicon substrates, using facilities in GLAM.  This material was discussed
> earlier in a proposal by Suk Won Cha and Fritz Prinz to Jim McVittie.
> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or there is
> anything else I could do to expeditite the handling of this application.
> Attached is the completed application, and the MSDS for the material.  Thank
> you very much.
> Kevin Crabb
> kcrabb at
> 650.450.3419
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