Niobium use in cleanroom

Gloria Wong gloria.wong at
Fri Sep 10 11:14:16 PDT 2004


I would like to process niobium/tungsten films (my project is on work function control of MOS structures) in the lab.  I will be depositing the films in the Clemens Lab in McCullough, then patterning the films in the cleanroom.  This would involve optical lithography (Karlsuss), dry etching (drytek 1), wet etching (wbgen) and Al deposition (metallica or innotec).

Please let me know if Nb use is okay for the lab, or if there is information you need from me.  Also it would be helpful to know how long I will need to wait before a decision is made.

Much thanks,

PhD Candidate
Clemens Group
Materials Science and Engineering
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