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Thu Sep 30 16:26:04 PDT 2004

Hi Carlos --

Could you please review the procedures on our website at:

We would like to see MSDS sheets for each chemical (electronic copy is 
preferred as we are building an electronic MSDS databse) and any 
relevant application notes or literature references as appropriate.  We 
would also like to know where you plan to use these chemicals and what 
your process flow is (specific as possible, please.)

SU-8 is a contamination problem in the lab -- once it cures, it's 
impossible to remove, which can cause damage to equipment (and thus 
potentially other people's work.)  If you work with SU-8, you will need 
to speak with Mahnaz about what lab ware you can use and any special 
precautions which are required to control where the SU-8 goes.



chernand at wrote:

>My name is Carlos Hernandez and I would like to bring in the following 
>chemicals into the lab.
>SU-8 2000.5
>SU-8 2025
>SU8 Thinner
>SU8 developer
>Omnicoat Developer
>Is there any information that you need to know.

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