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Michael Deal mdeal at
Mon Apr 4 13:28:54 PDT 2005

LTO is semicleanB, so it's okay to put Ni and Ti in there as long as the Ni 
and Ta are not contaminated from somewhere else.  (We allow Ni and Ta 
deposited in the new SCT sputterer to go into semiclean tools now, for 
example.)     Ankur, where was the NiTi deposited and how clean is 
it?   (Was it deposited in a system that also does gold or iron?)

At 01:13 PM 4/4/2005, Ankur Jain wrote:
>Hello SpecMat members,
>  I have six 4-inch Si wafers. It has a sandwich of 2 micron thermal oxide
>and 2 micron layer of Nickel-Titanium alloy on one side. The other side
>has only 2 micron thermal oxide. I would like to deposit about 0.5 microns
>of LTO on the Nickel-Titanium side. I understand that Ni is not one of the
>standard metals allowed on the metal side of the LTO tube.  However,
>Maurice suggested that I write to SpecMat and find out if it might be
>possible to do a one-time deposition just before the LTO tube is scheduled
>for pull and clean. Please let me know if that would be possible.
>  If you have any other suggestions for depositing an electrically
>passivating layer that will still let my wafers be processed in clean
>equipment after deposition, I would welcome them.
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