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I'm afraid you'll upset Rhett if you don't respond to his latest 
request.  I've attached his document giving his process, TXRF data, and 
reasoning, in case you didn't keep it.  I already responded to his invalid 
argument that the Zn and Fe are not really too high, but said we would 
consider his other two points about covering it with ALD Alumina and then 
etching before the Pd,Si,O film is reached.   I think this is okay, but I'd 
like Jim or someone to confirm.  Also, Jim needs to decide on whether to 
use the P5000 or wet etch (see his point number 3).

p.s. this is so much easier and efficient to do at a meeting as opposed to 

At 09:30 AM 4/26/2005, Paul Rissman wrote:
>Hi All,
>Ed and Mahnaz are out and Jim wants to work on the cmp.  Should we skip 
>this meeting?  Can we respond to the issues on the list?  Jim, a number of 
>the action items were yours.
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>>Attached is the latest version, 4/25/05.  Mahnaz and I will be traveling 
>>to EV Group and not available for the meeting.
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