nickel silicide

Ritesh J riteshj at
Tue Aug 2 15:00:52 PDT 2005


Currently we 3 labmates from UCLA (riteshj, nvgirish, tura) use nickel
silicided wafers (deposition of nickel and then silicide in AG4108) for
the follwoing processes:
1) After nickel silicide, deposit LTO (~5000A)
2) Etch LTO (contact etch, stop at nickel silicide) in AMT etcher
3) Etch Nitride ((stop at nickel silicide) in AMT etcher
4) Deposit Poly (nickel silicide covered with 5000A LTO (right after
LTO)) (?)
5) Poly etch in P5000 after the previous step (silicide is covered)
6) Deposit Aluminum in Gryphon

The first three processes had been previously approved for a labmate who had
worked with nickel silicide. If possible, Can you add Nickel to the
standard metal list ? THank you,

riteshj , tura , nvgirish

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