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Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 5 09:08:04 PDT 2005


I looked up Jun's requested process flow, which occurred before I started 
the Excel file.  It's similar, but not identical to the current group of 
users.  Jun's process is as follows:

Ni dep in SCT - Approved
Anneal AG4108 - Approved using Silicide Tray
Wet Etch of Un-reacted Ni - Approved for WBGeneral in his own 
decontaminated labware
LTO Dep - Approved for the metal side
Contact Opening Etch - AMTETCHER
Al Deposition - Approved for Gryphon with no pre-sputter etch
Al Etch - Approved P5000
Forming Gas Anneal - Approved Tylan forming gas anneal tube

The new components of this process is the introduction of doped poly after 
the contact etches.  Jun's process does not indicate any nitride etches.

I will follow up with Ritesh to get a clearer definition of his process.


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>Subject: nickel silicide
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>Currently we 3 labmates from UCLA (riteshj, nvgirish, tura) use nickel
>silicided wafers (deposition of nickel and then silicide in AG4108) for
>the follwoing processes:
>1) After nickel silicide, deposit LTO (~5000A)
>2) Etch LTO (contact etch, stop at nickel silicide) in AMT etcher
>3) Etch Nitride ((stop at nickel silicide) in AMT etcher
>4) Deposit Poly (nickel silicide covered with 5000A LTO (right after
>LTO)) (?)
>5) Poly etch in P5000 after the previous step (silicide is covered)
>6) Deposit Aluminum in Gryphon
>The first three processes had been previously approved for a labmate who had
>worked with nickel silicide. If possible, Can you add Nickel to the
>standard metal list ? THank you,
>riteshj , tura , nvgirish

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