SpecMat Logsheet, 8/15/05

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 15 09:41:50 PDT 2005

SpecMat Members,

Again we have very limited number of requests to cover.  If I can get email 
responses, we will not need to hold a meeting.

Here are the three items:

1) Etching BCB on InP/InGaAsP/InGaAs with gold in the PQuest.  Jim is aware 
of the request, but I have not heard anything back so it is still and open 
item and he can not do any processing.  Spinning and curing of BCB has been 
approved in the past.

2) Wet etching of InP/InGaAsP/InGaAs with gold in HBr/HNO3/HCl 
solution.  This is probably OK in the wet bench general, but I don't know 
if there is any solution handling requirements.

3) UCLA's request to extend the nickel processing in to the LTO, AMT 
etcher, poly deposition and P5000 etcher.  I am concerned about the poly 
deposition, especially since we are down to one tube.  Once the second poly 
tube comes up, we could have a clean and a semi-cleanB tube.

Please give me your feedback,

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