cured plastic materials

Seung Rim srim at
Tue Aug 16 13:42:19 PDT 2005


I'll do some jobs with cured plastics on silicon pieces in the lab.
I have pdms, polyurethane, and polyimide in mind but I want to check 
compatibility with machines before my process starting.
First of all, I'll cure all plastics out of the lab and will use only cured 
ones in the lab.
I'll coat Cr on plastics with innotec.
And on top of that, I'll do patterning with yes oven, headway, evalign and 
wetbench in litho area.
After that, I'll etch Cr with Cr-14S in general wetbench.
And I'll etch plastics using drytek1.
So, I need to get confirmation of usng cured pdms, polyurethane and polyimide
with innotec, yes, headway, evalign, wetbench in litho, general wetbench 
and drytek1.
If one or two out of three materials can be used, please let me know.

Seung Rim

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