Fwd: Diamond Request

Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Fri Dec 2 16:29:52 PST 2005

it looks fine to me with the usual precautions about material coming from 
outside of the lab.

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>Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 15:09:58 -0800 (PST)
>From: Chris Kenney <kenney at slac.stanford.edu>
>To: specmat at snf.stanford.edu
>Cc: kenney at slac.stanford.edu, drckenney at yahoo.com
>Subject: Diamond Request
>Dear SpecMat,
>I would like these diamond samples approved as "Semi-clean".
>1) Contact info
>Chris Kenney
>Coral: kenney
>Phone: 725-3661
>2) Material
>Carbon in diamond form
>Biocompatible and nonflammable
>World's most pure diamond samples. Electronic grade.
>3) Vendor
>Element Six (De Beers)
>King's Ride Park, Ascot, UK
>4) Reasons
>Radiation hard, low Z, good thermal conductivity
>5) Process
>Wet cleans probably at WBGENERAL with personal quartzware.
>Annealing up to 700C for now using Tylan 3
>Oxygen plasma using Dryteks
>Optical Litho using Karl Suss
>Metal deposition(Ti, Cr, Au, Pt, Al) using Innotec or Metalica
>I would like this classified as "Semi-clean" for now.
>The contaminants are:
>some hydrogen
>10 ppm of Nitrogen
>< 1 ppm of Boron
>no other significant contaminants
>these are special ultra-pure diamonds
>stable to over 1100 C - highest meltling point of any material
>Once I put metal down it will of course be "Gold" contaminated
>and handled accordingly.
>Equipment to be used:
>karl suss
>6) Amount
>Chips with dimensions of about: 5mm x 5mm x 0.3mm (very solid)
>7) Storage
>I'll remove the material when not processing it.
>8) Disposal
>When finished I'll remove the diamond from the fab.
>Please ask if you have any questions about this.
>Thanks for your time,

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