New silicon etches

John Wasserbauer john.wasserbauer at
Wed Dec 14 14:49:29 PST 2005

Hi All,
I would like to submit the following chemical for possible use in the fab.
Thank you for your consideration.
John Wasserbauer
Contact Information: John Wasserbauer, Group4Labs, 510-387-2476,
<mailto:john.wasserbauer at> john.wasserbauer at
The Chemical: PSE-200, PSE-300, PSE-300-F
Manufacturer: Transene Company, Inc., Danvers, MA, 978-777-7860,
Reason for Request: Need a more selective and/or higher rate Si etchant.
SNF available etches are not selective to SiO2 or SiNx.
Process Flow:  Heat solution to 100°C. Etch. Rinse. Blow dry. Will need to
use at wbgeneral or wbgaas.
Amount and form: ? 1 Gal. each.
Storage:  Storage Group C.  Would like to store at SNF.
Main Hazard: Corrosive
Waste Disposal: Small quantities - dissolve in water.  Dispose of in
accordance with local & state regulations.
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