Please schedule a test run of ZnCdS sputtering

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Feb 2 10:59:16 PST 2005


I wanted to update you on the outcome of yesterday's SpecMat meeting.  I 
know you have a Metallica reservation for this Friday and will need a 
response before the official SpecMat notes are published.

You can go ahead with your scheduled deposition.  We are requesting you add 
the TXRF test wafer to this deposition.  I'm sure you remember your group 
committed to provide TXRF testing of potential contamination resulting 
during your deposition.  The hope is the TXRF results will be available 
before your subsequent deposition.

If you have any questions or want assistance in where to place the TXRF 
wafer please contact Jeannie or myself.


At 09:41 AM 1/27/2005, Zheng Wang wrote:
>Dear All,
>According to our discussions on ZnCdS RF sputtering, I need to run a 
>test  together with you to check the contamination.
>I wish we could schedule it next week. Please let me know how I should 
>Thank you.

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