LaB6 in the Innotec

Carl Faulkner cmfaulkn at
Mon Feb 7 15:13:21 PST 2005

I would like to deposit LaB6 (Lanthanum Hexaboride) in the Innotec possibly 
anneal it in the gold-contaminated Tylan.

I will be using pellets in a graphite liner as the source.  I haven't 
located the vapor pressure of the compound, but it has a melting 
temperature over 2000C and both La and B have better vapor pressures than 

It is commonly used in the SEM tips.  It has been investigate by Freescale 
Semiconductor as a possible gate material (IEDM 2004), heated to 800C 
without problem on oxide.

Carl Faulkner
650 387-3714

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