Etch to Cu in PQuest ?

jim kruger jimkruger at
Fri Feb 11 12:13:49 PST 2005


Would it be permitted to etch sputtered SiN (500 A) to
stop on Cu (1000 A, on Thermal SiO2/ Si) in PQuest? 

The etch chemistry is based on the GaAs recipe, 2
mTorr, Ar15, BCl3 5, Cl2 10 with 200 watts uWave and
40 watts RF for 45 or 50 volts DC bias.  

The etch mask is ZEP 520a e-beam resist, with sub
100nm critical dimensions - aiming for very small
pattern transfer.

The open area etching to Cu is only ~ 1% of the ~2x2
cm chip mounted on a 4inch Si carrier wafer with a
high vac compatible electron microscope Carbon
adhesive dot.

Since the area is so small, the bias is so low, and
the Cu would be exposed only in over-etch, little Cu
would be left in the chamber, certainly less than
exposed when others are using approved covered copper
tape in the Pquest.


Mark Wendman


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