NiV 93%/7% sputter targets in metallica

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Mon Feb 14 10:15:13 PST 2005


Ni( 9%V) was developed as a barrier between Cu and Al. It is non-magnetic. V
has a low barrier pressure. Its vapor pressure curve lies next to Ti.  V has
the following safety ratings: Health =1, Flammability = 0, Reactivity  = 0. The
numbers for Ni are 3, 0, 0. Note we allow Ni in the SCT. The main downside for
NiV sputtering is that its films tends to have high stress.  This stress can be
reduced with high bias voltages (250V) which we do not have in the Metalica.
Since we have no restrictions concerning stress in the Metalica, it should be



"Dr. Alan Mark Myers" wrote:

> Dear Specmat,
>      Today I was busted for using a NiV target in metallica.  The reason Ni
> is banned from metallica is that it is a magnectic material and the
> magnetic field from the magnetron can not permeate the target to form the
> characteristic high density plasma associated with magnetron sputtering.
> When 7% Vanadium is added to the Ni, the magnetism of the target is
> quenched and sputtering works fine.  The URL below shows that this is a
> standard material for DC magnetron sputtering.
>      Please let me know if you need any further infor mation regarding this
> subject.
> Thanks,
>       Alan
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