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Dear Specmat Members,
I am trying to do a modified 410 process, that use laser annealing for activating the source drain regions. I am planning to send my wafers out to a company called AMBP Tech, and below is an email from them telling me about their laser machine. 

My question is this: After I do the annealing, will I be allowed to come back to the lab and continue with the remaining 410 processing ie. Al deposition in gryphon, P5000 etch and FGA anneal? Or will I have to look for alternate set of non-semi-clean equipments to do these?

AMBP Tech's core discipline is in thin film equipment and services and we have used our thin film equipment, located in the same lab as the excimer laser, to deposit various thin films that have been subsequently processed in a clean room to yield working devices.   
Our applications laboratory environment is relatively clean (no industrial processes are ongoing to produce large amounts of particles), but it is not clean room controlled and the processing will be done under normal conditions.  We have not had any customers that have wished to do further processing on the wafers after the laser annealing, only material analysis.  
We have laser processed partially gold coated die previously, the presence of the gold will not affect our ability to process the wafers, though the gold coated part will not absorb many of the 248nm photons and phase transformations of the gold or underlying layers of the gold will have a phase change affected.  

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