Kovio amorphous silicon/polysilicon films

Arvind Kamath akamath at kovio.com
Tue Feb 22 10:05:03 PST 2005



     We would like to use our amorphous/polysilicon  films in the metals
contaminated side of the LTO tube and gold contaminated oxidation
furnace. Attached is supporting documentation showing SIMS of
metal/nonmetal content indicating that there should be little risk to
these tools beyond what they have already been approved for. 


     This is a relatively urgent matter for us and a speedy decision
would be appreciated.



                                                        Arvind Kamath




Kovio amorphous silicon/polysilicon films


1.	Arvind Kamath (akamath) 408-738 3360 x321, Pradeep Nataraj
(pnataraj): Monty Cleeves: Kovio Inc.
2.	Material:  Amorphous/Poly silicon derived from liquid (organic)
source at Kovio's fab. Material into SNF will already be in
poly/amorphous form equivalent to LPCVD films.
3.	Vendor /Manufacturer: Kovio Inc. 1145 Sonora Court, Sunnyvale CA
94086 (SNF Lab User)
4.	Reason for Request: Material in film form will be used for
Kovio's proprietary silicon process and needs to be evaluated in
multiple device flows.
5.	Lab Equipment to be used:

Reason for request is to use front end equipment hitherto not used for
our wafers.

	a.	Tylan Gold contaminated Oxidation furnace (wet and dry
	b.	LTO (Metal contaminated side)
	c.	Process Flow: Variants of typical CMOS Process Flow with
metal gate

5.	Amount and form: Thin Film form equivalent to regular LPCVD
silicon. Tens of wafers at a time will be run through any given step.
6.	Storage: Wafers with films will be stored on site (box) or at
Kovio's facility.
7.	Disposal: N/A
8.	Supporting documentation: See attached. Materials analysis shows
that bulk metal levels are not a particular concern and this material
may be used in front end furnaces that allow "metals or gold
contaminated" wafers without any issue.



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