Kovio Stainless Steel substrate foils.

Arvind Kamath akamath at kovio.com
Tue Feb 22 10:06:18 PST 2005



     This is the second of our requests. We intend to make devices on
metal substrates of which stainless steel is a prime candidate, having
found early use in the solar and display industries. Please let us know
of your decision and recommendations. We will be happy to make
modifications such that the process capability of SNF is not compromised
in any manner.



                                 Arvind Kamath



Stainless Steel Foils:


1.	Arvind Kamath (akamath) 408-738 3360 x321 :Monty Cleeves: Kovio
2.	Material:  Stainless Steel type 304/316 Foil: 2-10 mil thick
(50-250um). Foils will be front and backside covered with thick
(2500Angstrom +) of cured spin on glass or PECVD oxide). Foils will be
polished (mechanically and electrochemically for good adhesion, handling
and printing).
3.	Vendor /Manufacturer: Kovio Inc. 1145 Sonora Court, Sunnyvale CA
94086 (SNF Lab User). Stainless Steel foil is available from multiple
sources. See for example www.goodfellow.com
4.	Reason for Request: Substrate is under evaluation for Kovio's
prototypes and products.
5.	Lab Equipment to be used: 

	a.	All photo/thin film deposition/metrology tools allowing
metal wafers. 
	b.	Tylan Gold contaminated Oxidation furnace 
	c.	LTO (Metal contaminated side)
	d.	Wet benches allowing metals processing.
	e.	Multiple device flows (CMOS variants) will be used.
	f.	If there are multiple users interested at some point :
LPCVD equipment (poly,nitride) that will not be used for clean wafers
and can be dedicated to metals processing.

6.	Amount and form: 4" rounds similar to silicon wafer typically
50-250um thick. 1-20  foils at a time
7.	Storage: Wafers with films will be stored on site (box) or at
Kovio's facility.
8.	Disposal: N/A
9.	Supporting documentation: None at this time. Stainless steel
substrates are used extensively in the R&D community for solar cell and
display fabrication. We expect the passivating oxide to remain intact
and in any case- not to use any critical clean equipment. Foils will be
thick enough for handling rigidity and strength.


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