Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Feb 23 07:31:30 PST 2005

Hi Seung --

Thanks for your request.  We would like a little more information before 
approving your request.  SU-8 is approved for use in the lab.  However, 
it is very strictly regulated where uncured SU-8 may be used, because it 
is extremely difficult to remove, once it is solidified. So we do 
require a few things.

1.  SNF does not purchase and stock SU-8.  However, there is SU-8 on 
hand (from experiments, from labmembers who don't need it anymore.)  You 
can check to see what is on-hand, but you might have to purchase your 
own, if what we have on-hand is not what you are looking for.  If you 
obtain your own, you will have to register your chemical bottle -- 
Mahnaz & Ed  have barcoards and labels.

2. SU-8 may be applied only at the Headway coater.  Only the designated 
cassette and cassette box may be used.  Even if you are already 
qualified on the Headway, you must be retrained to use SU-8.  Please 
make an appointment to train with Mahnaz or James.

3.  Solid SU-8 may be used in the aligners (karlsuss, evalign, etc.)  It 
must be developed manually at the litho wet bench next to the Headway 

4.  Solid SU-8 may be used in the drytek2 and the mrc.  However, please 
remember that drytek2 is semiclean, so if your process flow include 
innotec before etching, you should not use drytek2.  The mrc is 
gold-compatible, so is OK following innotec.

5.  Which wet benches do you plan to use?  SU-8 CANNOT be processed at 
any of the standard wet benches (wbnonmetal, wbnitride, wbmetal, wbdiff, 
wbsilicide).  SU-8 material CAN only be processed at the manual wet 
benches (wbgeneral, wbgaas, wbsolvent, lithosolv, litho wet benches.)

Please let us know what you plan to do and feel free to ask us any 
questions about processing SU-8.



Seung Bum Rim wrote:

>Dear specmat,
>I'll try to use SU-8 in litho (coating and developing) processing.
>After solidifying it, I'll use it with
>metal evaporation(innotec),
>dry etch(drytek2 and mrc) processing and
>wet etch(wet benches) processing.
>Can SU-8 be used in those areas?
>Seung Rim
>Electrical Engineering
>Stanford University

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