RF sputtering of ZnCdS in Metalica

Zheng Wang wangz at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 28 11:56:17 PST 2005

Dear Specmat Committee,

To minimize the cross contamination of ZnCdS sputtering to the Metalica system, we have tried the TXRF analysis once by hanging two pieces of wafers in-situ. These two pieces of wafers were from Jeanine. One had gold stripes from Innotec, the other was taken from the stock room.
The TXRF result gives a wide range of contaminations, which is more than we expected. After consulting with Jim McVittie, we think it might be worth to re-test the system with a pre-diffusion level cleaned wafer NOT a dirty wafer or a wafer directly from the stock room. 

At the same time we are making efforts to surround our dedicated wafer holder with a aluminum skirt and reconfigure the plasma igniter.

I tentatively make a reservation on Metalica this Friday 9-1 pm.

Please give me the permission. 


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