New chemical

Xiaojuan Fan xfan at
Mon Feb 28 15:29:31 PST 2005

Dear Safety Staff,

I am new labmember, Xiaojuan (Judy) Fan, I will bring a new chemical
1,10-decanedithiol, 10 ml, liquid, in small bottle, its MSDS is attached. I
will use it to make 10mM solution in Ethanol in a glass beaker, then put
gold film silicon wafer into the solution over night for growing monolayer
on gold.  Please advise if the chemical can be used in the lab? How to carry
it into the lab? Where to store it?

Best regards,
Dr. Xiaojuan (Judy) Fan
Research Associate
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Tel: (831) 459-4225 (O)
Fax: (831) 459- 2935

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