A couple of quick SpecMat Requests

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 28 16:33:29 PST 2005


There are two users who are anxious for a SpecMat decision.  They are 
fairly simple questions, which I was hoping we could resolved through email 
before next week's meeting.  Please comment on both requests.

1) Rhett Brewer:
A)  Can I use rtaag to do a ~250C O2 anneal of my Pd, Si, O film with ~3-4 
monlayers worth of carbon.
B)  Want to verify that my film stack: si(100)/Si,Pd,O/200A Al2O3/5000A 
P-doped poly Si is allowed in the RTA 4108.  Want to do a 2 min., 650C N2 
or O2 anneal.

Ed's Comments:
A) Should be fine in RTAag since it runs under thermal couple control.
B) The Si-Pd-O film will be buried under our polysilicon film.   This 
should be fine as long as he undergoes the standard pre-RTA clean and use 
the silicide tray.

2) Carl Faulkner
We would like to use Tylan4 - not for forming gas, but for 800C - 1000C 
anneals in nitrogen.  The samples would be Ti- or W-capped LaB6 on 
otherwise standard Si/oxide/nitride substrates.  LaB6 has a melting point > 

Ed's Comments:
I don't see a problem with this request as long as there is an appropriate 
clean.  Tylan4 is no longer considered a clean furnace.


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