Fwd: SCT Tungsten and Niobium

Michael Deal mdeal at stanford.edu
Wed Jan 5 08:12:04 PST 2005

Nb should be fine.  It has a very low vapor pressure and is similar to Moly 
and W. No known deep levels in Si.     -mike

At 07:43 AM 1/5/2005, Ed Myers wrote:
>Committee members,
>Gloria is requesting Niobium deposition in the SCT.  I've asked her to 
>make a formal request to the committee.  Tungsten is already an approved metal.
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>>Subject: SCT Tungsten and Niobium
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>>Happy New Year!  With the new year brings (finally) my need to use the SCT
>>sputtering system for tungsten and niobium.  Do you have time to train me
>>on this?  I need careful control of the layer thicknesses, so will be
>>confirming thicknesses across the wafer with x-ray diffraction.
>>Please let me know when would be convenient to meet.  Also, will I need to
>>purchase a niobium target?

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