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Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Jan 5 09:07:32 PST 2005

Hi Zhigang --

HBr is an etch gas, so you might say that we stock it, but it's not 
something you can pour to use at wbgaas, I'm afraid.  We do not stock 
HBr liquid acid, so you would have to order your own.  Could you please 
submit a formal new materials request?  Please let us know what you 
would like to use it for (i.e., do you have application notes or an 
experimental methods description or some other protocol?), what amount 
you would like to bring in and what concentration (ideally, as little as 
possible and at the lowest concentration possible.)  Please provide (and 
read) the MSDS (the concentrated stuff is pretty bad and requires some 
caution in handling.)  Is this a one-time experiment or something you 
will be using routinely?  If you need this frequently, we can provide 
storage space in an appropriate area.



Zhigang Xie wrote:

>I want to use hydrobromic acid (HBr) for my process in GaAs wetbench.
>According to SNF website, it is "in stock". So it is not a new material.
>Is it really available in CIS clean room? If not available, I want to
>bring in one bottle, where is the good place for storage?
>Zhigang Xie (coral ID: zxie)

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