Request to process LaAlO3 inside SNF

Michael Deal mdeal at
Tue Jan 11 10:49:06 PST 2005

It should fine as long as it came from a clean source.  Do we know where 
Chi-On got it or deposited it?    -mike

At 10:46 AM 1/11/2005, Jim McVittie wrote:
>Here is some info I found on La2O3.
>La2O3 is of interest as a new hi k material so it is thought to be a Si 
>device friendly material. Both La and its oxides have low vapor pressures 
>so there should no vapor transport during a FGA step.
>La is  of the most reactive of the rare-earth metals. It oxidises rapidly 
>when exposed to air. Cold water attacks lanthanum slowly, and hot water 
>attacks it much more rapidly. The metal reacts directly with elemental 
>carbon, nitrogen, boron, selenium, silicon, phosphorus, sulphur, and with 
>La2O3 has a melting point of 2307C and boiling point of 4200C. This means 
>it is very stable will not easily decompose. Under stability in ts MSDS, I 
>found the following:
>    Stable: Stable.
>    Conditions to Avoid: Protect from moisture.
>    Materials to Avoid: Strong acids, Strong oxidizing agents Carbon dioxide.
>  Its safety ratings are: Health -- 2, Flammability -- 0, Reactivity -- 1,
>"Chui, Chi On" wrote:
>>Dear All,
>>I’m the Intel Researcher-in-Residence in SNF. I have some film stacks of 
>>~1000 Å Al/~50 Å LaAlO3/Si and would like to perform some FGA in tylanfga 
>>(in addition to standard litho). Could I anneal them in the backside of 
>>the furnace? Thanks in advance! /Chi On
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