Co and Mn

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Mn and Co have vapor pressures below In so there is not a vapor pressure
problem. There are both metals which is consistent with the general use of
the tool. Co has a health risk level of 3 which is the same as Cr and Ni,
while Mn has a health risk level of 0. I believe Co has been used in
Metalica in the past. The main issue with Co is that is magnetic material
which means it will tend to shut the magnetic fields from the magnitron
magnets. This means the target thickness needs to be kept thin. Let me
find out what target thickness was used in the past. Regarding Mn, I do
not see any problems.

I am copying Specmat to see if anyone on the materials committee has any 


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Hongjie Dai wrote:

> Jim,
> Is it ok to deposit Mn and Co in Metallica?  If so, we will order some targets
> Thanks, Hongjie
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