methane sulfonic acid

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Jan 18 09:07:19 PST 2005

Hi Alan --

You may be in luck.  There's a SpecMat meeting today at 1, so if we have 
all your information, we can review it then.  If you could provide the 
following information:

it would be much appreciated.  Basically, where are you going to use it 
and how, what's the disposal method, etc.  I have to admit that I'm a 
little concerned about storage because the MSDS indicates it should not 
be stored with strong oxidizers, so I think that rules out the chemicals 
passthrough area...  If you have further information, it would be 


Myers, Alan M wrote:

> I would like to use and temporarily store the following chemical in 
> the lab  Methane Sulfonic Acid.  The details of this chemical can be 
> found at
> <;>
> Please let me know the next step to get the chemical in the lab.
> Thanks,
>             Alan

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