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Yiching Liang Yiching_Liang at MolDev.com
Wed Jan 26 13:44:00 PST 2005


I have request and obtained approval for bringing in a polyimide
(PI-5878G) to SNF last year. At the time of the request, I was planning
to dry etch the polyimide in drytek2, and had been approved to use it in
drytek2. I would now like to try wet etching the polyimide film instead.
So I need to get approval to use this material in additional SNF

According to the manufacturer's spec, this polyimide material can be
wet etched using any TMAH-based photoresist developer, including the
standard photoresist developer used in SNF. The etching is actually
usually done simultaneously with the development of the photoresist used
for patterning it. 

My question is, can this etching/developing step be done in svgdev? If
so, I'd like to get approval to use this polyimide in svgdev. If this
material is not allowed in svgdev, I'd like to get approval to use it at
the wbmisres bench.

Please let me know which way is acceptable. Thanks!

Coral name: yiching 

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