E-mail meeting this week, No 1:30 meeting

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Jul 19 08:56:23 PDT 2005

SpecMat members,

We only have two items on this weeks agenda.  I think we should be able to 
handle them by email.

1) I had a couple of requests to make the Spec-mat team based on some runs 
I had done over the last few months for Ge wafers processing. All these 
wafers have been categorized as semiclean and have been allowed into the 
LTO, RTA and the tystar and tylan3 tubes.
- Gasonics- I would like to use a dry etch to remove resist after implants 
etc. Can I be allowed to use the Gasonics for that?
  - Tube 8 SiGe- We had degraded characteristics in our devices in our 
previous run because I used n+ doped poly-Si from tystar which required a 
high temperature anneal. Use of a poly-SiGe gate followed by an implant 
should activate at much lower temperatures.
- Amtetcher – I need some highly anisotropic LTO etch on these Ge wafers. 
Can I be allowed to use the amtecther with PR as the mask?

COMMENTS: According to established guidelines the Ge wafers should be 
allowed in the Gasonics, Amtetcher and I don't see a problem with using 
Tube 8 SiGe.

2) I wanted to check into the possibility of running wafers with SU-8 on 
them in the STS. Therefore I would like to try putting SU-8 on the backside 
of a wafer as the etchstop and then using SPR 220 to pattern the wafer for 
through etch. I could also put another Si wafer on the back as a carrier.

COMMENTS: Should be alright from a materials contamination point of view, 
but I'm not sure about the etch selectivity of SU

Let me know your comments by email

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